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Big Cozy was erected in 1934


150 years ago, Cottonwood Pass was a trail first used by Indians, prospectors, settlers, and explorers seeking fortune deep in the mountains. It was expanded and cleared for wagons as a toll road built by Robert Hughes in 1870. An important stage coach stop sprung up on the east side of Cottonwood Pass where the blacksmith would service the vehicles and wagons before beginning the steep and difficult climb to the top. This area was known as Hughes Meadows. The dam was built in 1929 and the lake became known as Fikany Lake. Named for the Fikany family who built the first cabins, Big Cozy in 1934 and Jumbo in 1937, they later renamed the lake Mt. Yale Rainbow Trout Lake.

Fikany Lake

Two doctors purchased all the separate original log cabins built on the lake in 1948 and the property became Rainbow Lake Resort. The original lake lodge (now The Landing) was added in 1952. Cottonwood Pass remained a rough 4-wheel drive road until 1959. The pass road was rerouted around Rainbow Lake and the road was paved to the top of the east side in 1990.

Rainbow Trout Lake

The Lippert family became the owners in 1962 and expanded the resort with the addition of the west end cabins and again later with the purchase of the mountain homes in the mid-1990s. Donald Erick Lippert designed and built the new lodge, lodge units and the Buffalo Peaks great room in 2007. It was his desire to create a place for families to gather and since that time the Buffalo Peaks room has hosted numerous gatherings including weddings, receptions, and family reunions. The Lippert family is committed to continuing the rich history of Rainbow Lake and preserving the rustic beauty of the resort.

Dave & Joy


We are excited to introduce you to our new managers, Dave and Joy Lundy.

Dave and Joy are from Keyes, Oklahoma. Dave grew up in Choctaw on a dairy farm and to this day, he cannot stand to drink or smell milk. Joy grew up in Oklahoma City (city girl) but loved fishing, frogs, turtles and most of all basketball. Dave and Joy met over 18 years ago at a Kiwanis luncheon, they have 6 kids between them and 4 grandchildren. They love spending time with all of the family, inside and especially outside! Dave loves to pull the kids on a "country sled" through the snow (old car hood hauled by a tractor).

The Lundy’s have grown to love working and being together 24/7 though it was a challenge at first. Dave and Joy are experienced in the hospitality industry and are also familiar with Colorado. They take great pride in the level of customer service they give their guests and love working with people. Having owned their own small business, Dave and Joy love getting to know their customers and go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional guest experience.

Dave loves the outdoors and gardening. He says there is nothing better than a fresh "mater" just picked! Joy has caught him many times standing out in the garden with tomato juice running down his chin. Dave loves to be busy and likes the challenge of working on projects. Joy loves puzzles, games, and fishing whether she’s catching something or not. They love to travel and sit around a "far" (Dave’s word for a fire). Dave loves to bale hay and chase cows, he is definitely a "country boy at heart."

The Lundy’s are looking forward to this new adventure in their lives. They are excited to meet everyone and make many new lifelong friends! We know our guests will enjoy getting to know Dave and Joy.